After being caught off guard by the recent AC replacement in NYC that I had to get done months ago, I decided that I would start saving more money for a rainy day. It was a good thing that I had enough money in my checking account to pay for the replacement, or I would have been melting in the summer heat. When I’m paid each month, there’s always a little bit left over for me to spend on whatever I want, and it usually goes to things that I don’t really need. Rather than wasting my money on these things, I decided that I would put it in my savings account to gain interest, so that when I needed money in a tight situation, it would be there.

I’ve never really been that great at saving money. Ever since I was a kid, when I had some spare money, I would find something to spend it on, which was usually either video games, comic books, or candy. Although some of those thing that I did buy are worth a lot of money now, I wouldn’t trade them for money because of the sentimental value that they hold. I had to get out of that mindset of spending money as soon as I get it so I could save it.

Last month, I was experiencing trouble with my washing machine, and the money that I had saved so far came in handy. The washing machine needed to have a part replaced that allowed it to spin. The money that I saved was able to pay for the cost of the part and for the repair worker to put it in. I imagine that by the next time I needed to have an air conditioner repaired or replaced, I’ll definitely have enough money in savings to take care of it.