We have all seen it when visiting the fantastic cities scattered across the United States. Whether you are sightseeing in New York City, dining on crabs in the Baltimore Harbor, shopping in Los Angeles, or enjoying architecture in Chicago, there is something marring what would otherwise be beautiful and scenic views. What makes it worse is that this scourge does not limit itself to the city center or to the nearby suburbs – pigeons and geese foul up residential areas with their incessant pooping on every possible surface. That is why a bird spikes installer is so critical!

Bird spikes are a safe solution to a nightmarish solution. When installed, these spikes keep pigeons, geese, and all other sorts of birds from nesting on our windowsills, roofs, and other nice resting spots. While the birds make for a nice view, the resulting defecation does not. The resulting leftover residue from nesting birds harms buildings and paint, and potentially leaves nasty germs behind where we live and raise families! With the installed spikes, birds are unable to nest on ledges and leave behind their defecation.

Though birds are unable to rest on your ledges and gutters, these spikes do not actually harm any birds or other wildlife. Birds are smart, and recognize the spikes as an unsafe landing spot. These spikes are a fantastic signal to all manner of flying pests, and keep the birds away from your homes and families. The birds will find a new place to rest and roost, far from your house. With the birds resting elsewhere, you would also spend less time cleaning off the side of your building, saving you valuable time and effort! Overall, bird spikes installation is quick, easy, and an extremely effective means of keeping the local bird population off of your home and out of your hair.